This is my first attempt at a Japanese to English translation.
It's a translation of a Sega Mega Drive puzzle game called Shi Kin Joh.

 Download Shi Kin Joh translation

This is a nice program written by Cheatmaster.
Here is what this program does:
It converts Game Genie codes into raw hex codes, and hex codes into GG codes.
You may have seen programs like this before, but this one works with NES, SNES, and Sega !

 Download GG to hex conversion program

Chris Covell wrote this nifty program.
This program is for use with a Nintendo (NES) emulator.
It decodes Game Genie codes into CPU addresses.
I mention this program in one of my NES "How to" documents.

 Download GG decoder program

This program was written by Nick Shaffner.
It's called Cheat-O-Matic.
It's an automatic cheat program for any DOS or Windows game.
This program is mentioned in my emulator "How to" documents.

 Download Cheat-O-Matic

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