Miscellaneous Stuff:
(None of this is related to the Game Genie)

How to hack the cars in Need For Speed 3: Hot Persuit (PC)
  Need For Speed 3 Car Hacking Guide

Everything you could possibly want to know about sound files
for Flight Simulator 98 (how to change engine sounds, etc.)
  Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 sound info

Download an add-on track I made for Monster Truck Madness
(will work on MTM 1 or 2)  815 kb
 My Monster Truck Madness add-on track

Some very useful info on how to modify the "CON" files in
Duke Nukem 3D (how to change sounds in the game, etc.)
 Duke Nukem 3D info

This explains in detail how to download multi-part files from
newsgroups using Microsoft Outlook Express
 How to download multi-part newsgroup files

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